What a week…

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What a week…

Solidifying Future Decisions. Car accident. Whole house cleaning. Dumpster run.

My roommate and I did 3 runs to the dumpster. We literally threw out about 2,500lbs of stuff.


So much stuff…




Also cleaned the garage… so clean now. Feeds my heart. I love it when things are organized and nice.


Now, this is the sad part of the week…

It happened on 10/31. Boo Halloween! I was prepping for the WPM when around 7:50pm, I heard this really loud screeching and then a BAMMM! It quickly crossed my mind that maybe my car got hit but I always park my car on the street so I was really hoping that it was not my car… and maybe it was something else. I go out and I ONLY see my car, moved up a little but nothing else. Hit and run?!? Lord… please… I get closer and realize that it was MY CAR. :/ And I don’t see another car… oh boy.

But after a minute, the person (pizza delivery college student) comes back and tells me he was the one who hit it. I still haven’t seen the damage yet so I ask him, “Is it bad?” And he says, “Yeah… it’s pretty bad…”

And so I go see it and yup… it was pretty bad… he got me good.


Long story short, the person’s insurance company still has to assess the damage but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a total loss, meaning, the repair costs will be more than the value of the car so they’ll probably just cut me a check. This is not good because I’ll prolly need to get another car :/ I loved that car. I put so much blood and sweat into researching (9months!!) and paying for it (5 years)… but now it’s prolly gonna be gone.

All that to say, this has been a long week.

What’s interesting is that for WPM, I was convicted by God to share about trusting in the Lord, esp for the different circumstances in our lives. One huge conviction God gave me was that God will be sovereign over my life. And then (literally) BAMMM, I was face to face with applying these truths in my life.

I am thankful though…

I am thankful that the driver showed integrity and came back.

I am thankful that no one got injured.

I am thankful that I am given a real life opportunity to really trust in God for his provision.

And through all of this, it relates to my future stuff. No matter what happens, I must trust in God AND I must show God’s love to people.


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oh snap… I kinda fit most of this…!!




How can you know you might be a missionary in the making? Just like in other careers, there are certain predispositions that make you more or less fit to the work of a missionary. These are the first 10.

1. You relate very comfortably to the world. You’re not of it, but being in it doesn’t make you nervous. Going to a bar to do outreach? “No problem,” you say. You don’t cringe when the lost you are reaching out to speak roughly or inappropriately. If this is you, you share something with our Lord, and you are a missionary in the making.

2. You’re relevant. You know what’s important to the lost. You know what they’re suffering from, their worldview, their current preoccupations. They say the best preachers are those with a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other. I don’t necessarily believe you have to read the paper every day, but do you get your audience? Are you an insider to them? If so, you’re on your way.

3. You’re a bit of a jack of all trades. You can lead, follow, do music, art, theater, academics… whatever. You have interests a mile wide. You could talk to a poet one minute and a video gamer the next. You converse with the musician, and later the mechanic, with equal interest in their lives and vocations. The more people groups and subcultures you can relate to, the better fit you are to serve as a missionary in a different culture.

4. You’re an even keel. Those who are easily affected by their emotions have a much harder time with change and culture shock. Steady people don’t suffer this. You take your thoughts and emotions captive to Christ. You don’t suffer from homesickness and you don’t let nostalgia cripple you. You take those captive to Christ for his kingdom.

5. You spend serious time with unbelievers at least a few times a month. Not in school, not at work, but in your free time –like Jesus. Most believers prefer their safe Christian bubble. You don’t. That’s why you might be a missionary in the making.

6. You have a heart for the lost. Think of the famous anecdote about D.L. Moody and what he saw when he looked out his window. You see dead souls walking, needing a savior.

7. That heart for the lost manifests itself in actions. You start evangelism groups, homeless outreach groups, and service groups. You go on mission trips and help whenever you can. If you’re bothered by the lack of outreach to the lost, you might be called to be a missionary.

8. You love the unlovable. This one’s hard for me. Many people on the missions path, I’ve noticed, are better and more loving with those people that require extra grace. If you love the unlovable, you could be a missionary in the making.

9. You love languages and learning in general. You wouldn’t mind doing higher education. Missionaries are normally intellectually curious. I’ve seldom met a missionary that was closed to the idea of doing more schooling. Missionaries, and those called to the vocation normally have redeeming hobbies that feed the mind, like literature, poetry, music composition, story-telling, art, etc. These as opposed to more passive hobbies like television, video games, and excessive social networking.

10. You’re good with travel. I didn’t say you love it. You can be a missionary if you absolutely love travel, but I’d examine your motives very closely. I’ve often seen the “tourist” missionary who’s in it for the adventure, not the work, and they’re not able to stay put anywhere. A good missionary does well with the stresses of travel, but does not hold it as an idol. If this is true for you, you might be a missionary in the making.


Now don’t be discouraged if all of these don’t fit you! In fact, most people don’t have all of them when they start full time ministry. These are qualities that are grown on the job as well. If 6 to 8 of these can apply to you, and if most resonated with you and motivated you, I encourage you to continue seeking out your calling.




Just GO…

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An interesting read. I would just add the importance of this and committing to whatever GOD is wanting you to do as well. Too many people “go” but then quit later when it gets too hard…




I was never called to be a missionary, nor was I drafted. I volunteered. No special call was needed. I chose to go; I wanted to go; I was compelled to go. And where I go is always determined by an open Bible and a stretched-out map of the regions where Christ is still unknown and un-praised!

I chuckle when I hear missionaries and pastors talk about “surrendering to the call” of ministry. I always want to ask, “After you surrendered, were you water-boarded, or just hauled off in handcuffs and leg irons.” Was it really necessary for you to be abducted by a heavenly vision before you would go into the work of the gospel?

The missionary call is not like a prison dog that tracks us down, sniffs us out, and hog-ties us for the nations. That is silly-talk and really bad theology. Nowhere in Scripture is a mysterious (supernatural) call a prerequisite before we can respond to the Great Commission. The opposite is actually true.

Don’t Wait for a Call

No aspect of mission is more bogged down with extra-biblical baggage than the “missionary call.”  The clear command of Christ “to go” should be, by itself, sufficient to set you on your way “into all the world. . . proclaiming the gospel to the whole creation” (Mark 16:15). You can’t go wrong by trying to go. Trust the Lord to direct your moving feet. If you are convinced of your “call” to “stay”, this will only serve as added confirmation that you are right. Don’t fear the risk of ending up some place the Lord doesn’t want you. Too many already took that “risk” when they assumed a stateside ministry or vocation with no confirmation other than their own desires.

Dramatic calls to ministry are the exception. If you have it in your heart to go, then go. Then, lean on the sovereignty of God to get you where he wants you in the harvest. Don’t worry about “running ahead of God.” You aren’t that quick!

Try to Go

Paul tried to go into Asia, but the Lord wouldn’t let him. He then tried to go to Bithynia, but was “kept by the Holy Spirit from preaching the word in the province of Asia.” Still, he kept trying to go. I count at least six cities in Acts 16 where Paul tried to take the gospel. It was only then that the Lord gave him a vision of the Macedonian. He woke up the next morning and immediately headed for the regions north, having “concluded that God had called them to preach the gospel in Macedonia.

The heavenly vision wasn’t a “call” to mission, it was specific guidance for missionaries that were already going.

The point?  Don’t complicate the missionary call. Get radical with the going and God will get radical in the specific guiding.

David Sitton is the founder and president of To Every Tribe Ministries. David is a career church planting missionary who lived and worked in Papua New Guinea for 16 years, making first gospel contact with several headhunting, cannibalistic tribes.




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will wait.

LIFE Bucket list v1.0

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in no particular order

  • start, help, or support an orphanage
  • visit every country in the 10/40 window
  • physically kneel in prayer on the soil of NK
  • play a small or big role in actually changing a country (in the 10/40)
  • have a family that loves each other and is passionate about missions
  • take a team of doctors, nurses and a team of singers and dancers to a closed, unreached people group, and actually share the Gospel
  • make a video that goes viral (hopefully a spiritual one)

okay. I guess these are more in the category of DREAMS.

oh well… one can dream right?

Wisdom 1

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Every week I hear words of wisdom that I know I will need to remember for the rest of my life:

1. You can be a doctor or teacher doing “missions” but if you don’t know how to feed people spiritually, you will just be doing work but not spiritual work.

2. Don’t get the chip.

3. Be careful in trusting people, but always trust God.

4. 자존심 – is the main problem for pastors and leaders. The desire for this must die. 

5. We are too busy with other things when we should be focused on our spirituality.

“I have but one candle of life to burn, and I would rather burn it out in a land filled with darkness than in a land flooded with light” — John Keith Falconer

may my heart BURN

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she actually had to be admitted to a nursing home because she needs a nurse to attend to her all day. she sort of has alzheimer’s so sometimes she remembers me and sometimes she doesn’t. and my mom told me that these days she just sleeps a lot so she doesn’t eat much.

i’m not that close w/ her but every time i go visit, i have a REALLY good time. she would always give me advice about how to be a God honoring pastor and above all, how to find a girl. 🙂

she really really wanted to see me get married and see her grandchildren… and i really wish she would live longer… i want to be with her more.

halmunee, i am praying for you. bo go ship uh yo.

Hold me close
Let Your love surround me
Bring me near
Draw me to Your side.
And as I wait
I’ll rise up like the eagle
And I will soar with You
Your Spirit leads me on
In the power of Your love.

Lord unveil my eyes
Let me see You face to face
The knowledge of Your love
As You live in me.
Lord renew my mind
As Your will unfolds in my life
In living every day
In the power of Your love.


This week, my single prayer has been for GOD to renew my mind, refresh my heart so that I can discern God’s Will in my life. God’s future for my life is something that has become more exciting and something that I have been anticipating. The Thailand trip really helped that as it really gave me great vision into how I can serve God the rest of my life.

It was the same conviction I felt when I went to Egypt and Kenya for the first time. It made me want to journal! Yes, that’s a big deal for me cuz I don’t really like journaling.

Thailand is where I wanted to go for over 10 years and finally being there did a number on me. Can’t say what it really is right now but I think it will be significant. It was interesting how there are many Japanese, Chinese and even muslims in Thailand. You can almost minister to anyone there. I was telling a good friend about how Thailand and south east asia is very similar to Africa except they look Asian. You just feel a closer bond to them… or is that something i just felt…

It’s a funny thing how I always want to go to a country that I just been to. Whether it is Japan or Ethiopia or Kenya or Egypt… but having been to Thailand, it really tugged at my heart in a different way… Well, it could’ve been the final straw in determining which way i want to go in life. I basically hounded 2 missionaries there and asked them a billion and a half questions about being a missionary. And I think a lot came out of that. I just kinda realized that missions is something that is in my blood… something that fits more into my experience and abilities.

(That is Missionary Dr. Bob Shim on the left. He is coming to CFC in the summer, btw!)


This is all very exciting as well as scary.

But more than anything, I just simply want to be obedient to God.

One can KNOW their calling but if you are not obedient, it won’t matter.

I asked the missionaries there, “How did you know your calling?”

And their response was “…obedience… because direction in your life can change, so you’ll need to just be obedient people.”

Even after you commit to ministry, being obedient is important because how you will serve can change…


Lord renew my mind
As Your will unfolds in my life
In living every day
In the power of Your love.